Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Third Bedroom Upgrades

Do you have the one room in your house (or more) that you just can't figure out? It sits there half empty and neglected and slowly it morphs into your "storage" room until a guest comes to town and you must find them a place to sleep. That's the third bedroom in my house. It has a daybed in it and an old-school tv but otherwise it had little else to offer. I finally got a strike of lightning and think I've made some great strides in this space. (A few trips to Furbish Studio didn't hurt either...)

I realize that the tv in this room would typically be considered an eye sort but for some reason I love that it throws this little corner off slightly. Luckily for this of us who are interested, the Satara Rug pictured in this post is on sale.

There's always more decorating to be done but at least this room feels less storage-y and a little more functional! What do you do for these types of rooms in your house?

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  1. Love it Suggs!! Now you have 2 good guest rooms and a pretty master. What's next?

    1. Thanks, May! I'm trying to be DONE decorating. We'll see...


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