Monday, September 12, 2011

Fear Not

Don't worry, I haven't abandoned the blog. And I'm not forgetting that it's Fashion Week. I'm diligently gathering clippings of all of my most favorite pieces to bring them to you neatly and tightly wrapped with a pretty little bow.

The finale of Fashion Week is Thursday. And it just so happens that I have my own fashion show to attend that day. So sit tight and get amped for some fun.

In the meantime, I need this shoe and so do you.

via All Women Stalk

via Tumblr

via Harper's Bazaar

If Hanneli's on board, then so am I!


  1. This is THE shoe of this fashion week, xx

  2. It really is and it needs to be THE shoe in my closet. Love your Prabal Gurung post!

  3. such good pictures- loved the post and the title of your blog is so cute


    xxx Audrey

  4. Thanks, Audrey. Trying do those Wang heels justice with some decent pics!


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