Thursday, February 10, 2011

What's In Your Bag??!

Today's What's In Your Bag feature happens to be very special to me. Why, you may ask? Today we feature my very own sweet, smart, wonderful, thoughtful, dynamic, multi-talented, interesting, fun, friendly, (I could go on.) amazing little sister Genna Suggs Harris! (Okay, she's not little anymore- YOUNGER sister I guess I should say...but saying "younger" means I'm the OLDER let's go back to little.)

So my LITTLE sister Genna, of blog 100andSouth, lives in the mountains of Asheville with her equally wonderful husband of and works for outdoor adventure company Moondance Adventures. My sis has such an interesting combination of lifestyles- by day, she's a granola girl attracting prospective students to one amazing, adventure-filled summer; by night, she's a sassy fashionista with great taste filling up her calendar with concerts, parties and fundraisers. At all times though, Genna steadily projects an approachable, down-to-earth persona up for fun at a moment's notice. For these reasons, Genna owns one of the most unexpected combinations of practical and playful possessions.

But her bag is undeniably all fashion- the Chloe Paddington.


Genna found her Chloe bag at a great vintage store in Chapel Hill. In fact, scoring high end buys at discount prices happens to be a common thread between all her purchases. This fab Beirn snakeskin wallet came from HauteLook and her trellis print moleskin notebook came for free with a One King's Lane buy. Even Genna's iPhone was a great deal- a hand-me-down from her hubby when he decided to upgrade. And Genna rocks the trendy Ray Ban Caribbean shades, polarized for her outdoor adventures, of course.

On the more practical side, Genna stashes Purell hand sanitizer, Starbucks mints, Carmex, Pilot pens and business cards in her bag. She seems to always be prepared, kind of like another outdoorsy group you might have heard of. But the style never strays too far, as a Stila lip gloss pen remains close at hand.

Hopefully you enjoyed today's extra special edition of What's In Your Bag. Of course, everyone featured in this series is very special to me. But my sister has always been a constant source of inspiration. Thanks for your help today, sis, and every other day!

Now to pine away about a new pair of sunglasses...Ray Bans, perhaps.


  1. What a great post and a great tribute to our family. Ya'll are the best daughters in the world!!! Plus you teach your ol' mom great stuff!!

  2. Ha! I did a similar post not too long ago...


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