Wednesday, February 9, 2011




As I try to slowly work my preferred new options for spring into my cold-weather wardrobe, I can't help but pine away for Fendi's latest shoe creation.

Meet the Fantasia heel. Photographed to death in ads across all kinds of glossies, these shoes might just be my ideal pair- a substantial heel neither chunky nor pencil thin that comes in two different heels heights, interesting, unexpected color combinations, a classic cut with modern appeal...and I love the triangular wooden insert between the higher heel and the arch. The options are seemingly endless, as the color-blocked stems come in so many combinations, I can't even show them all on one post!

And wouldn't you know that Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi carried over the color blocking beyond the spring footwear into bags, shades and apparel...a color addicts dream...

It may be too wintry now to break out into full Fendi-inspired attire, but working a bright shoe or striped tulip skirt into the wardrobe couldn't hurt, could it?

Don't forget- Fashion Week starts tomorrow...get excited!

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