Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Cheers to One Year!

What a year it's been! L. Suggs Interior Decorating officially became a business one year ago. Thank you so much to everyone for all of your wonderful support! This big change was a major leap of faith with a future that was by no means certain. I'm so grateful for the wonderful opportunities that have come my way since making this decision. I certainly could not have gotten to this point without your help so 



It's been a great, interesting, challenging, fun and scary transition into the interior design realm from the film industry. So far, there have been enough similarities to give me confidence but also enough challenges to keep me humble. It's really easy to want to get too big too fast. Being grounded, honest and realistic isn't always the most fun or glamorous but it is essential in long-term planning. Anna Wintour recently spoke about success and her words of wisdom are sound advice... 


If this philosophy got Anna Wintour to the head of Vogue, then I think it can get me through another year! So what's next? While I'm sure that the future is never certain, I can say I know a few things. Coming up next week, I'll be revealing another space while several other projects are either underway or just getting started. There's also my new website, which I'll continue to update and strive to improve, and some outside opportunities to learn about the best products and services for each of you. The other thing we can all be sure of is we're going to have a good time along the way! 

Cheers to the first year and cheers to all of you who helped me get this far! Stay tuned for more projects, excitement and hopefully inspiration. Looking forward to the next anniversary...

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