Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The First Signs of Spring

I was enjoying my seasons, as I like to call it, when after Christmas what should appear on my Instagram feed but tons of people on tropical vacations. Ommm...what are you people trying to do to me?! It's cruel to boast your sunny vacations to those stuck in chilly places. You may reply that I live at the beach, which isn't a lie, but it certainly isn't warm enough to enjoy it right now. In defense, today I share with you a spring-ish fashion post. In actuality, this look could easily be worn right now with the addition of a blazer and swapping the sandals for boots...if you're not off on a tropical vacation, that is...


  1. I am diggin this look Suggs!! Good eye. I think Rhombus would like the clutch!! ;)

    1. Rhombus definitely needs that clutch! (Or at least one of her daughters should have it...)


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