Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The New Swim Suit

Swimsuit anxiety:
(def.) n.- The familiar general discomfort felt this time of year, every year, at the sight- let alone the donning- of bikinis and one-piece bathing suits. Statistics show that 99% of women suffer from it. The 1% that don't are Victoria's Secret models and women under the age of 16...aka betches.

So maybe strutting your stuff in a string bikini is more of a distant memory (if you're lucky!) than a reality. That's okay! My new favorite swimwear look is super practical, comfortable and fabulous...and YOU will look amazing in it!

Look Two: Halter Top + Surf Shorts
Look Three: Bandeau Top + Board Shorts

Board shorts are an over-30 gal's best friend. They say, "I'm so cool and confident that I don't have to show you my buns. Just know they are there and they are perky," even if they're not exactly. Regardless, they allow you to bend over without wedgie-worry, tuck in your pooch (wait, what pooch?! ;)), and walk over the dunes without worrying how much cellulite is showing. YES! Above, I've paired them with bikini tops but you can ABSOLUTELY wear these with a fab one piece. In fact, that's an even chicer look for the boardwalk in my opinion.

So will you wear a swimsuit in this ilk this year? You'll find me strolling next to the Atlantic as much as possible this summer...in chic shorts, of course. 


  1. Love this look and especially those Lemlem shorts!!

  2. I just got those Lemlem shorts and I am obsessed with them! They are super comfy and so cute!!


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